Explore local eateries, breweries, coffee shops, and all things tasty by bike! Check out these maps for bike-friendly food and drink routes, and take a tour to try them all or just pick one for your lunch break or dinner date. 

This page will be updated regularly, as we create more maps. Stay tuned for more!

Taco Tour

Perfect for anyone who loves tacos! This route is about 6 miles from the first to last marker, or about 12 miles if you take the whole loop. You could also easily divide it into two smaller loops- one downtown (marker 1-6), and one for markers 7-11. We recommend following the solid yellow lines for the most bike friendly streets, and checking each location’s social media and website for current hours and promotions. Click the button below for a virtual ride following this route, and to see the best places to park a bike at each stop. 

Kendall-Whittier Brew Cruise

Recent changes in Oklahoma liquor laws have created a booming craft brewery scene in Tulsa. Take a tour with Eric Marshall, founder and Brewmaster of Marshall Brewing Company, to learn more about 5 breweries in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood. All 5 are with This Machine’s service area, and Heirloom even has a bike rack in the parking lot. Please bike responsibly! 


Interested in exploring breweries from Downtown over to Kendall-Whittier? Click the button below for a longer (4 mile) brew cruise map and information. Please bike responsibly! 

Pizza Tour

You don’t need to go all the way to Chicago or New York for great pizza. Check out some of our favorite local places!

Some of the best places for riding & relaxing are coffee shops- here are a bunch in our service area.

Nearby Stations

There are many stations along these routes! They are marked with pink dots on most of our maps. 

On our app, you can see a real-time map showing how many bikes are available at each station or bike rack. 

Virtual Rides

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