Acerca de This Machine

Our vision

Life connected by pedal strokes.

This Machine bikeshare includes over 200 bikes and 30 stations, operating 365 days per year. This Machine is operated by Tulsa Bike Share, a local 501c3 nonprofit. 

Tulsa Bike Share has been providing bicycles to the Tulsa community since 2018. In June 2020, This Machine launched electric bikes! Continuation of this phase of growth will include expanding the network to include service in the Pearl District, Kendall-Whittier, 11th Street, Cherry Street, Brookside and the Gathering Place neighborhoods. By providing a network of bicycles that can be rented on-demand from stations located around the city, This Machine is changing the way we move about and experience our community.

Tulsa Bike Share es socio de Saint Francis, la Fundación de la Familia George Kaiser, el Chapman Family Trust, la Ciudad de Tulsa, and Indian Nation Council of Governments. 

Our Mission

This Machine transforms our Tulsa community by providing a high quality, convenient and affordable bicycle transit system that connects people to the places where they live, work, and play. 

Why "This Machine"?

Woody Guthrie nació en el pequeño pueblo de Okemah en 1912. Uno de los hijos favoritos de Oklahoma, era un cantante y compositor de canciones populares, country y para niños, y un dedicado agitador “robble-rouser”. Después de haber migrado junto con miles de otros “Okies” a California para buscar trabajo de migrantes durante el “Dust Bowl”, Guthrie escribió canciones sobre las dificultades de las personas de la clase trabajadora. Su más famosa y querida es “This Land Is Your Land”.

El lema “Esta Máquina Mata a los Fascistas (This Machine Kills Fascists)” fue exhibido a menudo por Woody Guthrie en su guitarra. Fue un mensaje de que su instrumento era una herramienta para la democracia, los derechos humanos y la igualdad. En las bicicletas compartidas “This Machine”, creemos que la bicicleta se puede apreciar de manera similar como un instrumento para una comunidad más fuerte, una ciudadanía más sana y segura para un mejor mañana.

El Centro Woody Guthrie, hogar de los Archivos Woody Guthrie, está ubicado en el Distrito de Artes de Tulsa, justo al otro lado de la calle desde una de nuestras 30+ estaciones de bicicletas. Esta es solo una de muchas más instituciones culturales de clase mundial a las que se puede llegar fácilmente en una de nuestras “máquinas (machines)”.


Nadie que viva puede detenerme

Mientras voy en BICICLETA a esa autopista de la libertad

Nadie que viva puede hacerme volver

Esta tierra fue hecha para ti y para mí.

Woody Guthrie y Burl Ives


Katie is a lifelong enthusiast of physical activity, and enjoys swimming and cycling regularly. A resident of Tulsa for the past seven years, Katie has worked in development and programming for health focused non-profits for much of that time. She lives in Midtown with her boyfriend and their two Dachshunds. 

Chris is a native Tulsan that has lived in Tulsa the majority of his life, while also spending a little time in Orlando, San Diego, and Albuquerque before returning to his roots here in the beautiful city of Tulsa. His previous occupation was professional bicycle mechanic for over 25 years, as well as stints in some of Tulsa’s popular local eateries. He has been married to his beautiful wife for 22 years and has 3 awesome sons. Chris likes to spend his spare time cycling, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Taggert loves being outdoors and adventuring in new places. He loves to play sports with his friends, including golf, football, and basketball. Also, he loves meeting new people and being able to talk with others. 

A born and bred Okie, Derek has been riding bikes in Tulsa since 1984. He loves spending time with his partner and their young son, playing baseball, anything and everything outdoors, and seeing others enjoy themselves.

Kieran enjoys spending time outdoors and being part of Tulsa’s amazing community. He can often be found rock climbing, bike riding, or exploring with his dog, Roo. 

Junta Directiva

Jane works at INCOG as a Transportation Planner, and, more specifically, the Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinator for the Tulsa region. She sees Tulsa Bike Share as a key component of the transportation system, and believes the addition of ebikes is an innovative transportation solution for short trips in the city. Jane is passionate about creating a safer and friendlier environment for pedestrians and people on bikes. She enjoys coordinating and collaborating with community stakeholders, which includes This Machine, to change the car culture of Tulsa and to rethink the uses of the public-right-of-way for all forms of transportation, including micro-mobility and public transit.

Bruce is a native Tulsan who, after retiring from a 30+ year career with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, decided to continue his service to the community as a volunteer for several local non-profit organizations.  

After being heavily involved with Tulsa International Mayfest for over 10 years, Bruce was ready to explore other volunteer opportunities and found a perfect fit with This Machine.  
“As someone who has survived a heart attack I understand the importance of exercise. This Machine is a perfect way for people to get into the world of bicycling without having to incur the costs of purchasing your own bicycle. Bicycling not only is a great way to exercise, but also allows the riders to see some of Tulsa’s great attractions,” says Bruce. 
When not volunteering at local festivals and events, Bruce and his “four-legged daughter” Seerah may be found exploring several of Tulsa’s numerous parks and dog parks. 

Monica Barczak joined the Tulsa Bike Share board in June 2019. She is passionate about working for equal access to health and education opportunities for all.  While not a native Tulsan, she has developed a deep understanding of the community through professional roles with Ascension St. John, CAP Tulsa, the Office of the Mayor, and the City Council Office. She has been a proud member of the boards of DVIS, Iron Gate (including serving as Board Chair) and Workforce Tulsa. She is a member of Leadership Tulsa Class 62, a volunteer for Bike Club, and a past volunteer for Reading Partners.  She’s been in a number of local theater productions, and of course, spends as many hours as possible riding her bike. She raced for Bicycles of Tulsa for 7 years and has participated in many of the local charity bike rides. 

Grayson Barnes is a partner at Barnes Law PLLC. He moved to Tulsa before he was old enough to ride a bike and has spent all of his life here less school and travel. He strives for Tulsa to compete on a national scale by facilitating the legacy of a thriving oil and gas industry all while recognizing the need for the city to diversity its industrial portfolio and its offerings to fellow Tulsans. 

“If you’re looking for Ashley Bath, you’ll most likely find her outside digging in the garden with her pup, running through a City park or biking about town.
She grew up pedaling with friends around her St. Louis neighborhood and has since taken her bike wherever she’s gone. In 2017 she moved to Tulsa, where she is now enthusiastically realizing her dream of living a lean, green lifestyle on two wheels, bike commuting for work and play in and around downtown.
Ashley led the TYPROS Sustainability Crew from 2018-2019, has recruited young leaders to live and serve in Tulsa with the AmeriCorps program City Year, and even helped build some of the original This Machine bikes as a Bikeshare Ambassador.
Today Ashley works in the City of Tulsa’s Park and Recreation Department promoting a healthy, active lifestyle as their marketing and community engagement coordinator.”

Brian Kurtz is the Executive Director of the Tulsa Downtown Coordinating Council. He moved to Tulsa in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the city he now calls home. Brian is dedicated to making Downtown Tulsa more walkable, bikeable, and a place where everyone is welcome. When not around on Downtown’s five miles of newly striped bike lanes, you can find him exploring the 918 Trails network.

Larry Mitchell was born at a very young age, and chose the bicycle as his preferred means of transportation at the age of 4, when Santa Claus gifted him with a Schwinn Cruiser.

He is a life-long cyclist, and sees the bicycle as an answer to many of our pressing urban issues. 

Larry has been an active member of the Tulsa Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee for 8 years. He worked as a volunteer at the Tulsa Hub for several years, and was a board member for 3 years. He has attended 2 League of American Bicyclists summits in Washington, DC. Larry has enjoyed seeing some of the cities in the USA and abroad that have the best cycling infrastructure, including Seattle, Portland, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. 

As for the question of how many bikes someone should have, Larry prefers the ‘N plus 1’ formula. 

Brian Williams joined Tulsa Regional Tourism, a part of Tulsa Regional Chamber, in July of 2019, as the Vice President of Business Administration. Williams leads the organization’s strategic direction in business process, spanning finance, budgets, accounting, purchasing, reporting, contracts and information technology. 

Williams serves as the Compliance and Accreditation officer for the organization, as well as the Secretary of the Executive Board for Tulsa Regional Tourism. He supports the President of Tulsa Regional Tourism on many boards and committees, including TDMI Board, TID Co. Board and Tulsa Regional Tourism’s Finance Committee, Investor Board, Executive Board, and Advisory Board.

Following a five-year stint in Accounting for Tulsa Regional Chamber, Williams chose to blend his passions for tourism and business strategy by pursuing a career in tourism as a destination marketing professional. 

Williams graduated from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Marketing and Minors in Business Management and International Business. Williams is pursuing his CDME, and sits on the board for This Machine Tulsa and Humble Warrior Collective.

In his free time, Williams is an avid cyclist, endurance runner and lover of the mountains. When he’s not out enjoying the trails in Tulsa, you can find him on TripAdvisor booking travel out West.