Experience Tulsa on Two Wheels

This Machine is Tulsa’s bike share service, with over 200 bikes and 30 stations available 24/7/365.

this machine app 3


Download the This Machine app. Select from a single “pay as you go” ride, day pass, or membership.

scan qr 3


Find a nearby bike on the This Machine app. Scan the QR code (underneath the seat) to unlock the bike and begin your ride.

ride bike 13


Enjoy as the pedal assist motor provides an extra boost while you ride!

parking 9


Return the bike to any station or bike rack in the service area. Make sure to use the cable to lock the bike to the rack.

Download the pink This Machine app from Google Play or the App Store, then follow the onscreen instructions. Don’t forget to enable Bluetooth and location services! Our electric bikes can be rented from anywhere in our service area (shown on the right and in the app), then parked at any bike rack when you’re finished!

Choose Your Pass

Pay as You Go
$2 to start

Perfect for quick, one-way trips.

$2 to start, $0.15/minute after 10 minutes.

24 Hour Pass

Our most popular option for visitors exploring Tulsa.

Unlimited 4 hour rides, one bike at a time limit.

Monthly Membership

Great for commuters.

60 minutes of ride time per day. $0.15/minute after 60 minutes.

Rules of the Road

Ride with Traffic
Obey Traffic Laws
Yield to Pedestrians
Use Hand Signals